This brush can get into those nasty grout corners!

Clean tile floors, showers, bath and around toilet.

The Fuller Brush® Tile and Grout E-Z Scrubber™

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Forget trying to get into corners with a wimpy toothbrush! This amazing brush is designed for the hardest to reach parts of your shower or floor. The grout in the corners seems to always be the place where nasty things grow, and this is the easiest way to get to it. Your knuckles with thank you!

This amazing 9″ long x 1-1/2″ wide brush cleans away grime in hard-to-reach places like shower and window tracks, corners and around the edges of plumbing fixtures. The brush bristles are tough enough to clean, but gentle enough to keep your surfaces scratch free. The “V” trim on the bristles easily fit narrow or wide grout areas. Includes telescopic handle with handy hang-up hole, which adjusts to any length from 29″ to 52″ for reaching those high areas in the shower and for cleaning grout on floor tile.

Fuller Corner Grout Brush – Video Transcript

So, ya ever notice how the mold and mildew always builds up in your bathroom right in the corners of your shower? Or, maybe it’s down here along the bathtub line, where the bathtub meets the floor. These are the places where you’ve got grout, and you’ve got cracks in your caulk lines that mold and mildew will actually grow from. So, your grout is very porous, so it’s gonna grow mold and mildew. I’ve got a great solution for getting into those corners. Instead of using a toothbrush to clean your grout lines like a lot of people do, I’ve got a great solution for you. I’m the Fuller Brush Man, you’ve gotta check this out.

This is the Fuller Brush Tile and Grout EZ Scrubber and it’s one of the best grout brushes I’ve ever found. It’s like having five rows of bristles, and they come to a perfect, you can see how it comes to perfect point in the center, so it’s designed to fit into any size grout line on any type of tile. And, what’s great about this in your bathroom, I mean, if you’re used to cleaning your grout with a toothbrush or one of those small knuckle-buster brushes, this, with the handle, allows you to get to places where you never thought you could clean before. And, of course, when you’re using it with Grime Guard or Bath Clean, watch this, all you do is spray it on to whatever surface you want to clean, it cleans perfectly in the corners, because of the design of this brush, it allows you to get into those places where you normally can’t clean, because it’s like having five rows of bristles that knock down the mold, the mildew, the crud, the soap scum, and it easily gets into the corners. But, where you’re really gonna love this brush is if you’ve got tile floors.

On your floors, what you’ll do is change this from spray to stream, and now you can stand up without having to bend over, clean those grout lines on your floors, without even having to bend over. This extension handle extends all the way out to 72 inches, or 52 inches, I’m sorry, and look at this this. It does huge areas of grout without having to get down on your hands and knees. How about on your kitchen floor? If you’ve got tile in your kitchen, or in the bathroom where the mold and the mildew builds up, now you can easily scrub all of those really hard to clean places. It even gets back behind your sink, into those areas because of the swivel head, it allows you to get into those areas where you would normally have to get down on your hands and knees to clean. It saves a lot of back work by using this brush. You’ll love it with Bath Clean, but you’ll also use it all around the house for cleaning along the baseboards. You’ll also use it for right down next to the bathtub for getting that grout line where the mold and mildew builds up. Again, because of the design of the bristles of this brush, you can see it’s like having, it’s five rows of bristles that are shaped perfectly to fit into any grout line you may have in your home.

You’re gonna love this brush, it’s well worth every penny, and to pick up one for yourself today, all you do is click right here.


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