Can a clothes dryer set my home on FIRE?

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Q:  I heard that my dryer can cause a house fire caused by lint buildup.  I clean my filter all the time, so I shouldn’t have to worry much right? – Larry H

A:  Larry:  Unfortunately you do.   You see over 15,000 homes tragically burn every year due to drier fires.  You can have a clean lint trap but still have a problem.

You see, lint traps do a good job of catching most of your lint, but there’s often a lot that gets by and clogs up your dryer’s ventilation system.  It’s like the kindling for a fire.

Next time you do laundry, take out the trap and take a look beyond it.  You’ll probably see some lint that got by.  And if you don’t, it might be further down.  You might also notice that the dryer doesn’t work as well as it used to.  Maybe you need to run things through a second time?

Well I have the solution for you!  Take a look at the video above, and check out our Dryer Lint Brush.  You’ll be amazed how much potentially dangerous lint is in your dryer.

It also works great under the dryer, fridge, or stove to get that lost sock, or dust (lint) bunnies that accumulate in these spaces.


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