Degreaser dissolves messes all around your home.

Fulsol® is an amazing de-greaser for your home.

The Fuller Brush® Fulsol® Degreaser

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Fuller Brush’s ® Fulsol® Spray attacks and dissolves grease and grime. The foam clings to vertical surfaces and leaves no residue. Forget cleaning your oven with a harsh chemical smell so bad you need an oxygen mask. Fusol® is very strong but has only a light clean lemon scent. Use it all around the kitchen in the oven, on your stove or stove rings, on glass tops or as a pre-treater for your laundry and anywhere around your home. You’ll be amazed what it can do.

Since 1906 Fuller Brush Company® has been making products you can trust and this degreaser is amazing.

Clean Oven

Burnt on food

Clean Drip Pans

– Hopefully your oven doesn’t look this dirty, but even self-cleaning ovens need help cleaning themselves sometimes. And have you ever noticed how those store-bought oven cleaners, you almost have to air out the house to use them and wear a hazmat suit because they’re caustic and toxic? Well we’ve got a solution to that problem for all of your oven cleaning needs. Fulsol is one of our flagship cleaning products, we’ve been making it for well over 60 years and it’s been tried and tested in thousands of households across America. It’s an all around the house cleaner and de-greaser. It works great in your kitchen but you’ll use it all over the house. Now hopefully your stove doesn’t look this bad. This is an oven door that we actually took gravy and burned on gravy with a blow-torch, which is way hotter than your oven could ever get. But to show you the power of Fulsol, all you do is spray it on whatever surface you want to clean. You’ll immediately see how it starts to emulsify and break down that cooking grease and grime. Now all you do is add a little water, and helping it out by using the Fuller stainless steel sponge. This is one continuous piece of stainless steel coiled over 40,000 times. There’s over 600 inches, or 6,000 inches, excuse me, of stainless steel in this one little pad. It doesn’t fall apart like those other cleaning scrubbers that you buy in the supermarket. You don’t end up with rust on it, it doesn’t fall apart. When you use this with Fulsol you will want to use it with a little bit of water. It cuts through any grease and grime in a matter of no time. Look at that, it’s just like, look at that, that’s squeaky-clean in a matter of seconds. And you can, not only in your oven, I mean, if you’ve ever tried those caustic, toxic chemicals, spraying those in your oven where you have to wear a gas mask and actually have to, you almost have to air out the kitchen, put a hazmat suit on to use them, I’m not even wearing rubber gloves. Because it’s safe enough to use on just about every surface in your kitchen and all around the house, you don’t have to worry about all those caustic, toxic chemicals when you’re using Fulsol. It’s a great de-greaser that cleans just about every surface, even glass and plastic, fiberglass and chrome, without any abrasives. Now on your stove-top if you have an electric stove, you probably have one of these drip pans, or probably four of them. Hey listen, food boils over. It gets stuck down inside those drip pans, they look ugly and nasty, or maybe you’re renting a house and you wanna clean these up. Instead of going to the store to buy new ones spray a little Fulsol inside and again, with that stainless steel sponge and a little bit of water, all you do is scrub. It’ll break down and emulsify all that cooked-on, baked-on gook that’s built up on your stove-top over time, leaving it clean, shiny, and looking like new in just a matter of seconds. Hey, let’s face it, when you cook, you have to clean eventually, and if you’ve ever had anything boil over on the stove-top, maybe you’ve got burned up, baked-on, caked-on food on your stainless steel cookware, you’re gonna love Fulsol for your cookware alone. All you do is spray it directly on your bake-ware of cookware, and then with a little bit of water and a stainless steel sponge, you can see how it immediately breaks down and emulsifies all that cooking baked-on, caked-on food. And of course, we actually burned this on with a blow-torch which is way hotter than even a gas stove can get, but just to show you the cleaning power of Fulsol, it cleans and shines just about every surface in your kitchen in no time. You know you have to be careful about what you use on a glass-top stove because you don’t wanna use anything abrasive, and there are no abrasives in Fulsol. All you do is spray it directly on your glass-top stove or whatever problem area you have, and you can see how it immediately starts to break down all of that baked-on, caked-on food. I’m just using my fingers here. You can imagine what you could do with a sponge with a scrubber, but again, you don’t wanna use anything with an abrasive. It’ll help your stove-tops last longer and look better. But with Fulsol it breaks all that down, leaving your stove-top clean and looking like new in no time. You know, you’ll love Fulsol too for all of those really hard to clean places like those vinyl mini-blinds, that get the tacky, sticky dirt on them. Spray Fulsol on there and then with a damp cloth all you do is wipe them clean. In your laundry room you’ll love Fulsol for those greasy stains that you get on, well, maybe even a tablecloth. All you do is use it like a pre-treat. You spray it on, let it sit for a few seconds, and then drop your laundry right into the washing machine. Your whites will come out whiter, your brights will come out brighter. It’s an amazing product just for the laundry room alone but it’s an all around the house de-greaser and cleaner that you’ll use on every hard surface in your house.


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The Fuller Brush Man (Jon Florell), has had a long career with some of the best household products on the market. As the well known spokesperson for Fuller Brush products on TV and the internet, Jon's greatest joy is showing people how to make their homes cleaner, and lives easier.