Get into tight spaces with this duster!

You'll be amazed what lurks in spaces you've never reached before!

The Fuller Brush® Reach Bendable Microfiber Duster™

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When was the last time you were able to clean under your fridge, stove, or furniture?  The Reach Bendable Microfiber Duster can get into all those hard to reach areas. And because it bends, it’s the perfect solution for your ceiling fans, tops of doors or casings, around corners, baseboards, crown molding, walls, and almost any surface around the house.

The microfiber fingers give you 18″ of dusting power to catch dust and dirt.  Extend your reach 52″ with the included adjustable handle with hang up hole for convenient storage.  The Microfiber cover is removable and washable – so stop wasting time and the environment with those wimpy disposable dusters that aren’t as swift as the Reach Bendable Microfiber Duster from the Fuller Brush Company.

-Are you still dusting with one of those little wimpy feather dusters, or those really wimpy things buy from the grocery store with the throw away pads? Forget all that. I’ve got a perfect solution to take care of all of your dusting needs, whether they be up high or down low. This dusting method is the way to go. You gotta check this out.

It’s called our Reach Duster, 27 inches long and flexible. It’ll slide underneath your refrigerator, underneath your stove in the kitchen, to grab all the dirt, dust and debris, and pull it out to where you can get it out of there. In fact, when’s the last time you cleaned underneath your refrigerator, or underneath your stove? With the handle, it’s flexible too, so you can do large areas of tabletop, countertop, walls, windows, you can even use it on windowsills. Because of the flexibility of the Reach Duster, now you can reach up high to do those ceiling fan blades. How ’bout the tops of windows, or the tops of your door casing, tops of picture frames, any of those really hard-to-clean places. Have you ever noticed that cobweb up in the corner that you haven’t really gotten to in a while? Instead of dragging a ladder out of the garage to get to it, look, all you do is attach it to the extension pole, and now this allows you to extend it out to 72 inches in length, which will reach all the way up to your crown molding, it’ll reach all the way up to the top of your windows. Clean on top of your curtain rods, all of those really hard to clean places. And the best part is, it’s not just the things up high but it’s also the things down low. It’ll allow you to get underneath your furniture, clean right along the baseboards of your room, dust the baseboards and the floor at the same time. Machine washable, they’ll last for years, you gotta check this out. All you do to pick one up today is click right here.


About the Author:

The Fuller Brush Man (Jon Florell), has had a long career with some of the best household products on the market. As the well known spokesperson for Fuller Brush products on TV and the internet, Jon's greatest joy is showing people how to make their homes cleaner, and lives easier.