I recommend these solutions:

Q: It’s hard to reach the top of my mirror and windows. Do you have something to help? – Marge M.


A: Getting on a ladder or stool to reach the top of your windows or mirror can be dangerous!  We have a solution called the Big E-Z Scrubber that helps you scrub and squeegee your mirrors, windows, and shower glass from the top to the bottom.  Best yet, it gets into those hard to reach corners and can has detachable scrubbing pads that can be used all around the home on tile, fiberglass, marble, porcelain and glass.

Best yet you can keep it in the shower on a hook to do daily squeegee of your shower glass, and the optional detachable handle can extend your reach – so your feet stay safely on the floor.

We also recommend using our Gel Mist Window cleaner.  It sticks to vertical surfaces and works perfectly with the E-Z Scrubber.