How can I get in some vacuuming without waking up my baby?

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Q: Whenever my baby takes a nap, I like to take the opportunity to do some quick cleaning around the house. The one task I can never seem to be successful with is vacuuming our area rugs. The vacuum seems to always wake up little Charlie. Any ideas Mr. Fuller Brush Man? – Judy P

A: Judy:  You need to check out the video above!  I’ll introduce you to our “Electrostatic Carpet Sweeper”.  It’s the same device you’ll see being used in restaurants so they don’t disturb the customers.  Well, you can use it to not disturb little Charlie and let him get in a full nap.  Our sweeper doesn’t have a cord, doesn’t take batteries, and is very, very quiet.

Just because it’s quiet doesn’t mean that it’s a wimp when tackling messes.  The electrostatic charge of the boar hair bristles will pick up even the finest messes like kitty litter and pet hair.  Check it out!


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The Fuller Brush Man (Jon Florell), has had a long career with some of the best household products on the market. As the well known spokesperson for Fuller Brush products on TV and the internet, Jon's greatest joy is showing people how to make their homes cleaner, and lives easier.