How can I do quick cleanups without dragging out my vacuum?

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Q:  I hate dragging out my vacuum just to do a quick clean up, and those rechargeable vacs don’t see to do the trick.  I also don’t have a place to recharge a cordless vac.  Can you suggest something quick and effective? – Vera H

A: Vera, watch the video above and I’ll show you a carpet sweeper that requires no bags, batteries, plugs or cords.  The “Fuller – Stanley Carpet Sweeper” uses electrostatic charges from  boar hair bristles to sweep up just about anything on your rug.  It will pick up the finest debris and you just dump it right into your garbage can.  It’s the quick and effective solution you’ve been looking for.  It’s so compact you can even store it next to your fridge or on a hook by your broom (which you’ll never use again).


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The Fuller Brush Man (Jon Florell), has had a long career with some of the best household products on the market. As the well known spokesperson for Fuller Brush products on TV and the internet, Jon's greatest joy is showing people how to make their homes cleaner, and lives easier.