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More Tips from the Fuller Brush Man:

Easily clean a smelly garbage disposal or drain.

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Ever get a bad smell in your kitchen you can't find? Try taking a whiff of your garbage disposal. We never think about it, but all kinds of stuff has been pulverized and strewn all over the inside of your disposal and under edge of the rubber flapper. Disposal Clean™ from the Fuller Brush Company® cleans, freshens and deodorizes eliminating foul odors and deposits of food and grease which are the source of sink odors.

Degreaser dissolves messes all around your home.

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Fuller Brush's ® Fulsol® Spray attacks and dissolves grease and grime.    The foam clings to vertical surfaces and leaves no residue.   Forget cleaning your oven with a harsh chemical smell so bad you need an oxygen mask.   Fusol® is very strong but has only a light clean lemon scent.  Use it all around the kitchen in the oven, on your stove or stove rings, on glass tops or as a pre-treater for your laundry and anywhere around your home.  You'll be amazed what it can do.

Get into tight spaces with this duster!

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When was the last time you were able to clean under your fridge, stove, or furniture?  The Reach Bendable Microfiber Duster can get into all those hard to reach areas. And because it bends, it’s the perfect solution for your ceiling fans, tops of doors or casings, around corners, baseboards, crown molding, walls, and almost any surface around the house.

Easily clean all your windows safely from the ground!

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Get off that ladder!  Use Full Sparkle™ Window Cleaner from the Fuller Brush Company and stand safely on the ground.  Full Sparkle™ is a versatile window cleaner that can reach windows up to 27 feet high with sixty pounds of pressure!  Here’s the best part: you can clean right through your screens! Just mix warm water with the Full Sparkle™ crystals, attach to your garden hose and spray, rinse, and walk away!  It’s as easy as that.

This brush can get into those nasty grout corners!

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Forget trying to get into corners with a wimpy toothbrush! This amazing brush is designed for the hardest to reach parts of your shower or floor. The grout in the corners seems to always be the place where nasty things grow, and this is the easiest way to get to it. Your knuckles with thank you!

This Sweeper is like a Roto Sweep™ for your carpet!

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If your looking for a quick, quiet, and effective way to sweep up your carpeted floors, we have the thing for you! And if you’ve already bought a Roto-Sweep™ for your hard floors, you’re going to love our Electrostatic Carpet Sweeper™ from the Fuller Brush Company™

My dog hates the vacuum! How can I still clean up his shedding?

My dog Scruffy hates the vacuum and goes crazy whenever I use it. Thanks to him and his shedding, sweeping the floor needs to be done more than just occasionally. I need a quiet way to clean his fur up off my rugs without him barking and attacking my vacuum. Any ideas? - Karyn C

I can barely see through my shower doors due to hard water and soap scum…. HELP!

Soap scum and hard water can etch and discolor your glass over time. After awhile, it can get so bad, it's difficult to see through it! Water spots are created when water beads up and then evaporates, leaving the minerals behind on your glass. And soap scum, is a mixture of soap, body oils, dirt, and water. This creates the milky appearance of your glass enclosure.

How can I get in some vacuuming without waking up my baby?

Whenever my baby takes a nap, I like to take the opportunity to do some quick cleaning around the house. The one task I can never seem to be successful with is vacuuming our area rugs. The vacuum seems to always wake up little Charlie. Any ideas Mr. Fuller Brush Man? - Judy P

How can I clean the soap scum and water spots in my shower?

Do you ever wonder why you get all that spotting on your shower doors and tile? Most of the time it’s from the minerals in the water. When water beads dry they turn into water spots. Also body oils and soap create a scum that builds up over time. Well, I have an easy solution for you...