My dog hates the vacuum! How can I still clean up his shedding?

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Q:  My dog Scruffy hates the vacuum and goes crazy whenever I use it.  Thanks to him and his shedding, sweeping the floor needs to be done more than just occasionally.  I need a quiet way to clean his fur up off my rugs without him barking and attacking my vacuum.  Any ideas?  – Karyn C

A: Karyn:  Fur and dander is a constant issue when you have a dog or cat.  Many pets don’t like the vacuum because of the high pitched sounds they make and are either scared of it or threatened by it.

Watch the video above and I’ll introduce you to something you’re going to love:  the” Fuller / Stanley Electrostatic Carpet Sweeper”.  This is the same sweeper you’ll see being used in restaurants because it’s quiet and very effective.  And for pet lovers, it’s a must.  It can clean up kitty litter (and dump it right back in the bin).  And it picks up fur like crazy thanks to the electrostatic charge caused by the boar hair bristles in the rotating brush.

You can store it just about anywhere.  You can hang it on a hook by the brooms, put it in a closet, next to the fridge, or even under a bed… so keep it handy!

The best part,  you don’t have to charge it, or plug it in.  It doesn’t even take batteries!  It’s quiet, effective, and compact.

I think this is the perfect solution for you!


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