Is there a bath cleaner without toxic fumes, that actually works?

I recommend these solutions:

Q:  It seems like the only bath cleaners that actually work are strong chemicals that practically require a gas mask.  I’ve tried green cleaners that are useless. Is there a cleaner that is strong but not rough on my lungs and hands? – Julie K

A: Julie, many bath cleaners contain bleach, which really only “bleaches” the dirt and mold so you no longer see it.  And other acid based cleaners will etch your tile and chrome, or chew up your grout, leaving it porous and a breeding ground for more mold and mildew.

Check out the video above, and I’ll introduce you to “Bath Clean” which has an ingredient called “Grime Guard”.  Similar to how a non stick frying pad works, “Grime Guard” will leave an invisible barrier of protection on your shower and tub.  With constant use, you will likely see that you don’t need to clean as often, and things don’t get so bad, so quickly.

I’ll also introduce you to a scrubber/squeegee called the “Big E-Z Scrubber”.  You’ll love how it can get into the corners like no  brush you’ve ever used.  And the best part?  It has a built in squeegee and a microfiber pad – so you clean your walls, shower doors, and even the top of your highest mirror.


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