My car’s windshield gets cloudy on the inside, what’s the best way to keep it clean?

I recommend these solutions:

A: Many things cause a cloudiness to the inside of your windshield, including smoke, car interior fumes and occupant’s breathing.   This can cause a dangerous film on the interior of the glass that makes it difficult to see a night.

Most window cleaners spray liquid  – only to drip onto your dash before you even have a chance to wipe the windshield.  Gel Mist Window Cleaner from the Fuller Brush Company is very unique.  You can spray it upside down, and it emits a fine mist of gel that sticks to the surface of the glass.  No more dripping all over the dash!

Gel Mist contains no ammonia and leaves a protective layer to the inside of your glass that will help stop the formation of that dangerous film or fogging.  Try it in your bathroom and you can actually see yourself in the mirror after a shower!

Combine Gel Mist with our Big EZ scrubber to easily get to all corners of your windshield, and use it in the bathroom to reach your mirrors, glass and tile.


About the Author:

The Fuller Brush Man (Jon Florell), has had a long career with some of the best household products on the market. As the well known spokesperson for Fuller Brush products on TV and the internet, Jon's greatest joy is showing people how to make their homes cleaner, and lives easier.