Roto-Sweep™ Instructional Video

Congratulations on the purchase of your new Roto-Sweep™.  This video will show you how to use your Roto-Sweep™ most effectively and how to clean it after a lot of heavy use.  The Roto-Sweep™ is a revolutionary and simply way to sweep up your hard surface floors.  It’s like having a broom and dustpan all in one.  Just simply roll it forward and the rotating bristles on the front corners sweep all kinds of debris into the built in dust pan collector.


– Thank you for purchasing your Roto Sweep™ from the Fuller Brush Company™. Here’s a few tips and tricks that’ll help you get the most out of your Roto Sweep™. The Roto Sweep™ is a hard floor sweeper, so it works on hard wood, linoleum, tile, any hard floor surface. It’s like having broom and a dustpan all in one. One of the biggest tips with Roto Sweep™ is to keep moving it in one direction. It only works rolling forward but as it rolls forward, those triple rotating brushes channel and lift the dirt on any hard floor surface right into that dust pan. As it rolls across the floor it gobbles up more and more, but it only works in one direction, so you always wanna push it moving forward. What’s great about it though, are the rotating brushes that get right along the edges of your floorboards. Along your floorboards, along cabinets, along baseboards in the kitchen, it pulls the dirt and debris out from the wall. To empty your Roto Sweep™, all you do is lift the trap door on the back of the unit and everything goes right into trash can. After a lot of heavy use, you may need to clean your Roto Sweep™, and here’s an easy way to do that. If it gets clogged up with a lot of hair or maybe from a lot of that dirty gunk on your kitchen floor, here’s an easy way to take it apart and maintain it. There’s a screw in the center of each one of the rotating brushes on the outside. Simply use a Phillips head screw driver and remove the screw and the cap, pull this brush off, and set that aside. Now do the exact same thing on the other side. Gently remove the screw, I’m just using a screwdriver, a Phillips head screwdriver. Save these screws. They’re small pieces, so you wanna keep those in a safe place. Any dirt and debris on these wheel brushes, bristles, you can easily pull off by hand, but this rotating brush with the wheels that roll across your floor are what makes this unit work. So by keeping this clean, help your Roto Sweep™ last a lot longer. You can reach inside, slide this whole brush unit right out of there. Take this to your sink, rinse it in warm water with a little dish soap. It’ll clean up these rubber wheels, these non-marring wheels, so they’ll grip the floor and rotate those brushes as it rolls across the floor. Reassemble it the exact opposite way that you took it apart, slide it back down inside. Lock that center rotating brush into place and then replace the wheel brushes on the outside. Using this little cap to hold the screw in place, use your screwdriver, but do not over tighten these screws. You wanna get it down in there so it’s snug, but you don’t wanna over tighten and strip it out. Again, he same thing on the other side, line up the spokes on the rotating brush on the outside with this wheel on the center brush, and then replace that center screw. That’s what’s gonna hold it all together. And with this little maintenance tip, it’ll keep your Roto Sweep™ working better, lasting longer, and it’ll keep doing a great job for years to come.


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The Fuller Brush Man (Jon Florell), has had a long career with some of the best household products on the market. As the well known spokesperson for Fuller Brush products on TV and the internet, Jon's greatest joy is showing people how to make their homes cleaner, and lives easier.